Introducing CETEIcean 🐳

CETEIcean is a Javascript library that lets you display Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) or other XML files directly in your browser. You can style them using ordinary CSS or add behaviors to them. CETEIcean does not throw away any information in the source file, meaning you can take full advantage of the TEI (or DocBook, etc.) data model to add useful features to your document.

Getting Started

Check out the examples. Most of these are based on the testTEI.xml file.

Note that if you want to display remote XML documents, the server where they are located must support CORS. Otherwise, you're stuck with documents on the same server. Fortunately and usefully, GitHub does enable CORS, so you can use CETEIcean with any TEI file in a GitHub repo!

The GitHub repo lives at TEIC/CETEIcean. Please let us know if you find bugs or think of new features you'd like to see!